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We're delighted to announce that we never let you upload anything to our wonderful, hyper-connected service for curating your precious moments. We could not be happier that you could never use this. Today, we're curating our pivot to provide for peak sunset value. The Prompt has ended, and we'd hate to have to provide a way for you to download things from this service. Just thinking about all that work seems tiring. Remember us fondly, with all the other cursed services.

Service Enhancement Department


Dub-Dub-Dee-C’est 2014 happened. Our excitement for photo services was acqui-hired and we are over the moon about this. Listen to the very latest comments from Federico, Myke, and Stephen on The Prompt 51: Developer Christmas. Myke and Stephen, one-third of The Prompt’s executive team (we are very good at maths), made a special appearance on Tech Hive's Clockwise Podcast Episode 40. with Dan Moren, and powerslider Jason Snell. Please make sure you follow our EULA, and drink a legally-appropriate beverage (like a vodka lemondade, or a fancy, strawberry lemonade) every time someone says, ‘photo’ or ‘photos’.

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Your photographs mean the world to you. They mean something less than that to us. Don't get us wrong, we think they're OK, but nothing special. We just want to help you store them. We do this with our magical technology: 4EverCloud™.

At The Prompt, we take photo storage very seriously. That is why we have announced this on April 2nd because we're so, so, so serious about this.

Wherever You Are

We are committed to ensuring your data should be available to you anywhere. Whether you are on your iPhone, your Mac, or one of those Android thingies.

Private Sharing

Your photos are only visible to you, until you turn on three-factor deadman-switch identity checking. As long as you're holding down the "allow access to Mom" button on at least two devices, your mother can see every wonderful baby photo you tagged for her to see. Simply move your finger slightly and she'll need to call you for access again. No one provides this level of security.

The 4EverCloud™ Promise

With our heavily patented 4EverCloud™ you can upload as many photographs as you want to, forever. We promise not to use any additional compression. Take comfort in knowing that your photos of friends and family are safe, forever, at this fly-by-night internet startup company in California.

Super Serious

As part of our commitment to you, we're preventing you from uploading any files in order to protect your data from our inevitable acquisition. Our lucrative business model will prove so attractive we don't want to upset you if we're acqui-hired by someone you don't like.